What's *really* getting in the way?

Is there something in your life that you're trying to do that's just not working?

Like, you're reading the blogs, taking the classes, and doing the homework, committing to it, declaring what you're up to, journaling, putting post-it notes everywhere, even meditating... and it's still not working?

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Elissa Arnheim
Chicken soup between parties!

This is a strategy I use when I know there’s a good chance one of my son’s “triggers” could sneak in.  Triggers like gluten, dairy (common cross-reactions with gluten) and processed sugar are known to cause inflammation and leaky gut, and these days… you already know that being social often comes with a tidal wave of wheat, gluten and sugar!


The collagen in bone broth supports the mucosal lining in your child’s gut and provides the amino acids glycine and proline that repair the cells of your child’s intestinal wall.  This helps seal any leaks opened up by these “trigger” foods, and support beneficial bacteria that produce butyrate - a short chain fatty acid that also supports your child’s intestinal lining.

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