Chicken soup between parties!

How was your weekend?

Ours was busy with parties.  

I think the unofficial theme was blue!  Blue cupcakes, blue gatorade… and of course there were all the usual gluten and dairy and sugary and chemicalized “treats” too.  

I made a lot of great substitutions (and a few prizes) for my little boy to enjoy in place of all that stuff that typically gives him diarrhea, earaches and a red, bleeding rash around his mouth. 

This week his grandma is in town, and there are some special events at the school that he would be so sad to miss, so I was extra-vigilant for anything that could go sideways.

Here are the two strategies I used to keep my kid feeling healthy and happy:

1.  Super Substitute Mama!

Since I was participating in a fundraising event (to expand programs for children with cognitive disabilities make the transition into adulthood) during one of the parties, I had another gluten-free mama watching out for my kid.  

She kept his gluten-free dairy-free pizza aside until lunch, gave him our xylitol gum and homemade gummy worms when the piñata exploded with candy, and diverted the boys to the park when the blue drinks and “goody” bags were handed out at the end of the event.    

What a relief - thank you, Mama!

2.  Chicken Soup for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

This is a strategy I use when I know there’s a good chance one of my son’s “triggers” could sneak in.  Triggers like gluten, dairy (common cross-reactions with gluten) and processed sugar are known to cause inflammation and leaky gut, and these days… you already know that being social often comes with a tidal wave of wheat, gluten and sugar!

The collagen in bone broth supports the mucosal lining in your child’s gut and provides the amino acids glycine and proline that repair the cells of your child’s intestinal wall.  This helps seal any leaks opened up by these “trigger” foods, and support beneficial bacteria that produce butyrate - a short chain fatty acid that also supports your child’s intestinal lining.

The veggies in our chicken soup contain plenty of soluble fiber to be broken down and fermented by those beneficial bacteria. The chicken meat and fat provide plenty of energy for a busy day of playing.  

A homemade and delicious chicken soup is simple to make when you have the broth, some chicken, and a few chopped veggies and herbs… we ate ours for breakfast, as a pre-party snack at lunch time, and after our long and busy day it was a tasty and super-easy dinner too! 

While we usually have different foods at different meals, yesterday was a special occasion, and I’m glad I had the perfect food to fuel our adventures and protect our guts!  

Get ready for your crazy party days by filling your pantry with this delicious bone broth.

If you want your child to enjoy summer (or winter!) vacation without all the fun-stopping reactions, click here.


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