Anti-Anxiety meds replacing antidepressants for children?


This is a super important event, for moms who want to help their kids - and themselves - to get their life back.  I hope you'll read on.  If you're in a rush, Sign up for the Anxiety Summit HERE.

Did you know that anti-anxiety meds are now prescribed more frequently than anti-depression meds in adults?  Anxiety is quickly taking over depression.

It just may be the "condition of the decade."

And we all know that the chronic physical and mental health issues in adults are just a forecast of what's happening with our kids...

According to the American Psychiatric Association, 40% of Americans report being more anxious now than they were at the same time last year.


According to research and studies, we know that women have twice the anxiety rate of men, and that more teens and college students and MORE CHILDREN are anxious. 

Anxiety is skyrocketing, so of course so are prescriptions to tame it, quiet it, mask it... 

...but you want to know what's at the roots of your child's anxiety so you can heal it, right?  

If your child is anxious and fearful, has phobias and panic attacks - of course you want a solution.  

If you're an overwhelmed mom you want relief.  (It's painful to see your child in distress and it's very challenging to complete basic life tasks for yourself and your family when you have an anxious child.)

If you're a practitioner you want solutions for your clients and patients.

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Trudy Scott is author of The Antianxiety Food Solution, she's a food mood expert, a certified nutritionist, and this is her 5th season bringing you resources to quell the anxiety for good.


YES, we now that "all disease begins in the gut" and there are particular ways that gut issues cause anxiety.  It's finally being incorporated into the field of nutritional psychiatry.

Trudy is super-geeky, deeply compassionate and an incredible interviewer (you'll instantly want to be her friend), and she's brought in an impressive group of practitioners (when you see the list you'll understand).  


  • how the microbiome calls the shots

  • what bile has to do with our brain

  • vagus nerve activation, along with methylation and B12 keys

  • GABA and tryptophan's role

  • collagen - friend or foe

  • parasites, mitochondria, and so much more

  • more more more that will help you help your child

Get the research, and practical applications like which herbal teas help and how to use a castor oil pack...

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It's time to take action and help your child (and yourself!) feel better - with solutions.  

As Trudy says, "you really do deserve to feel on top of the world every single day!"



PS I know you're hearing a lot about "experts" - These are the physicians, researchers and practitioners that are truly leading the way - and you really can help your child so your whole family can enjoy life more! Please take a few seconds to register here for free.  Trudy is an exceptional interviewer, so I know you'll get the practical, do-able information to help you and your child.  Personally, I can't wait to see every interview myself.

Elissa Arnheim