Highlights from Day 1 at the Microbiome Keynotes conference

I'm geeking out on microbiome research at the Microbiome Keynotes conference.  This morning I took a walk on the beach and thought about a few points that make a big impact on me.  What do you think about: 

Highlights from my notes from the Microbiome Keynotes 2019 Conference Day 1 

  • Bacterial vaginosis symptoms lead to 10-15 million doctor visits per year in the US. It can also be asymptomatic.

  • Clinical lubricants used to check your progression during labor are antibacterial.

  • What we eat impacts our metabolome - our unique constellation of metabolic components - and this influences our microbiome.

  • Breastfeed. Do it. Get help.

  • Artificial sweeteners have a negative effect on our microbiota - this does NOT include stevia.

  • Killing our gut bacteria can inhibit growth of new brain cells in our child’s hippocampus - impacting their memory. Probiotics and exercise help.

  • Boosting beneficial bacteria helps reduce clostridia

  • High fructose corn syrup is loaded with mercury and damages our microbiome - and we’ve known this since 1993.

  • Our beta carotene levels shift seasonally.

  • Mesenteric lymph nodes - the ones in our gut - are super important, communicate with the rest of our body and have live microbes in them!

  • Olive oil is really good!

  • Anthocyanin - the bright reds purples and blues in plant foods - reduce gut inflammation

  • Kids raised with dogs have less eczema

  • “Milk and dairy worsens acne. If you don’t believe it you should read the literature”

  • Fiber fiber fiber. Eat 9-10 colors of vegetables per day.

  • Fermented veggies - keep 5 kinds in your fridge and eat them.

Which of these points lights you up, or lights a fire under you?  

Which matter most to your child?  To YOU?

What do you want to do differently, starting now?

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