****** Celebrating my child's LIFE! (Are you living your purpose?)

It's been 4 years since I walked into an urgent care clinic with my sweet 2 1/2 year old boy.  He was rapidly transferred to a nearby hospital, then a major medical center.  Everything in my life became inconsequential, except him.  

A net materialized around us.  I am so grateful for the incredible devotion, intelligence and generosity of our medical teams, family, friends, community, and plenty of people we've never met.

This morning, as on most mornings, I felt deep gratitude and so much joy for this most mundane of routines.  Just going to school.  This is kind of what I live for.  Well, not kind of - this is totally my favorite part of life!  I LOVE BEING A MOM!  

Before my little boy got sick, I was missing out on enjoying being a mom a lot of the time, because I was so stressed, and my little one always seemed to have something going on that worried me.  

We are so different now.

Our lives are easier, lighter, brighter!

Nearly losing my son got me laser focused on what really mattered.  

Along with developing my expertise in children's gut health, I've done a lot of personal work.  

I realized I spent my whole life living by some imaginary rules that totally got in the way of the things I cared about most... my family and friends and community, having a big positive impact in the world, spreading peace and health and joy.  

What can be more peaceful and joyful than your child's vibrant health?

It took a while, and eventually I understood that I must take care of myself - first! - to be able to fully care for my child (or anyone else in my life).  


Today, in celebration of my child, and of me being a mom, I'm sharing three standards that I live by - in case they're helpful to you:

1.  Accept support.  When my child got sick I needed support.  But it's clear now that I needed support long before that -   I just had this notion that it was "good" to be independent, and I wanted to be "good."  So much more is possible for all of us when we support each other and accept support.  It feels so good to support each other - to be asked for help and say YES!  Why deny each other this gift?  Humans are a social species.  Its in our nature to support and be supported.  We are designed to elevate each other into our best expressions of life.  In collaboration we have infinite wisdom and skills and possibility.  Wins all around.  Especially for your child.  

2.  Trust yourself.  You are perfect.  You know what you know, and you know where you need support.  You are worthy of support.  You are worthy of every single speck of everything you desire.  In all your imperfection, no matter what you heard from others, or decided about yourself, there is nothing wrong with you.  When your choice is not popular, when your choice is not supported, remember - YOU know your child best.  Trust yourself.

3.  Stand for what you believe - for your child, and for yourself.  No one else will do it for you.  Stop hiding your love, your brilliance, and your strength in order to fit in.  What's more important to you - your child's life or not upsetting someone?  You choose.  


This is your life.

It can be over any second.  

I'm not trying to frighten you, I'm trying to get your attention.  

Who are you?  

What's your purpose?  

Are you living it?


This is who I am:

I am a mother!

I am a courageous, confident, radiant leader!

I am your guide in giving your child their most thriving, joyful life!

I am your ally in your version of fully-expressed, confident, intuitive motherhood!


If you're ready to fully own your intelligence, grace and worthiness as a mother...

if you're ready to take the steps you need to give your child their most thriving life...


Elissa Arnheim