What's *really* getting in the way?

I'm always thinking of you and your child and your bellies - and how to help you help your child have their healthiest happiest life.

Food, microbes, joy. 

Simple routines that make it easy, and the community that's doing it with you.

That pretty much sums it up!

I'm going to zoom out a bit today, because I've been thinking on a bigger scale about what's been especially powerful in expanding my own and my son's health and happiness.

Is there something in your life that you're trying to do that's just not working?

Like, you're reading the blogs, taking the classes, and doing the homework, committing to it, declaring what you're up to, journaling, putting post-it notes everywhere, even meditating... and it's still not working?

Sister, I feel your pain.  I've been there... often.

There's a lot that could be getting in the way.

-- Deep and hidden beliefs about our worthiness, built on innocent childhood misconceptions.  (You can bring them into the light, and recognize your true value!)

-- Powerful obsolete neural pathways - neurons that fire together get wired together.  (They can be untangled and re-set, so you can create new pathways that truly serve you!)

-- Old feedback patterns - by nature we're uncomfortable with change.   We might unconsciously avoid things going well for us, if that's unfamiliar territory.  (It takes practice, and even a community of support to feel safe making a change.)

There's one more thing that really got my attention recently.  It was Dr. Tom O'Bryan, up on stage, bellowing about our influential microbes... "...they choose our food, our habits, our attitude... our microbes may even choose our spouse!"

-- Our microbiome will serve itself, until we choose to lead it.

What the heck do I mean by that?  

The collection of microbes in our gut, on our skin, in our cavities, and throughout much of our bodies is a vast and vital universe of living, competing, cooperating microbial populations.

Ultimately, it directs our LIFE - our immune system, our thought patterns, our musculature, our hormones, our digestion, the growth (or elimination) of every part of our body....


Or... are you OK riding on the coat tails of a bunch of germs and calling it your life?

It's like not telling anyone you're captain of a giant sailing ship.  You're hosting a crew who's living it up at your expense, while your ship's blowing with the wind or going in random directions but never really getting anywhere.  Certainly not anywhere you want to go.  

I invite you to stand up and be the captain of your life!  Choose your destination.  Meet your microbes.  Create your dream team.  Get where you want to go.  

What do you think of THAT?



PS Mirror neurons!  Your child does what you do, not what you say.  Stop talking and start doing to give them their healthiest happiest life.

Elissa Arnheim