WELCOME to 8 Days to Freedom from Picky Eating!

I’m thrilled to have you here with your child, because you are both going to feel so much better when picky eating is in your past.

Your child will eat, and you can relax, knowing that they’re getting nutrition they need to thrive.

YES! I can’t wait any longer!

Is it OK if we dive right in?

1. First, tell me about you and your child. We’re going to have 2 LIVE group coaching sessions together, and I plan to give you the most targeted coaching possible. (And I want to thank the person that got you here!)

Answer the questions

2. Get started on your first step right away, because it’s going to give you and your child a jumpstart for your 8 Days to Freedom from Picky Eating ­ and even better results. Read the download, choose your approach, and go!

Access your First Step

3. Put the dates below in your calendar right now, so you don’t miss a bit of the fast, fun and awesomely effective 8 Days to Freedom from Picky Eating.

  • Saturday 18 May ­ Picky Eating Freedom Guide (pdf) arrives ­ check your inbox!

  • Saturday 25 May ­ LIVE group coaching session #1 & kick­off party!

  • Saturday 1 June ­ LIVE group coaching session #2 & celebration party!

*** Between 18th - ­25th of May, expect special daily emails, Facebook lives events, and more to help you and your child totally ROCK your 8 Days to Freedom from Picky Eating ***

4. Get a notebook and write down why you’re here, what your child eats/doesn’t eat, how they behave around food, all that stuff about what got you here in the first place. Because you might not even remember what it was like someday... and you’ll use this notebook throughout the course.

5. Spread the word and give more kids and moms Freedom from Picky Eating!

Coachelissa.com/eat <<< Use this link and share with your friends, family, teachers, classmates’ parents, doctors, therapists and more ­ they will thank you!


Now you’re really off and running... you can do it!!!

I’ll be back in touch soon!


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