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My name is Elissa Arnheim, and I’m so glad you’re here!  

Are you ready to give your child their most outrageously healthy and happy life?  

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We're getting ready for a busy summer... and I know many of you are too!  

That's why I'm offering
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Healthy Gut Happy Child
Summer Special Coaching Package!  


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Choose a powerful step and get powerful results for your child - often within a couple of weeks!When you choose the right first step for your child, powerful results often come within a couple of weeks.  


What you and your child get:


  • tailored to your and your child's individual needs
  • identify the single most powerful step you can use to help your child now
  • get out of information-overload and into a simple, doable action plan
  • create the strategy that keeps your child feeling great


Unlimited Anytime Email Support Between Sessions

  • all the accountability, cheering-on and question-answering to help you stay on track
  • replies within 24 hours during business hours (9AM-2PM PST)


Personalized for Your Family:

  • recipes
  • family food map



  • Summer Camping Go-To Family Food Guide
  • How Kids Love Trying Veggies Handout
  • Healthy Gut Happy Child Best Cookbooks Short-List
Questions??  Email me your phone number, three good times to reach you, and I'll give you a quick 10-minute call! My email: 
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A few kind words ...

When I first heard you, Elissa, on a summit talk about helping your kids and feeling less stress around it, I knew I needed your support.

I was a mess about them. Anxiety all the time, worrying about them to the point I was frozen and didn’t know how to help them. I felt helpless and scared most of the time. My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac, my son had gotten this crazy rash and tested positive for parasites. I had just quit my job and pulled my kids out of school cause I knew something had to change. At the time I dreaded feeding my kids, cause it was so hard all the time.

A powerful moment working with you was this realization that they are gonna be ok. That I can help them and it isn’t a emergency. Also the realization that helping myself calm down would help them calm down was pretty huge too. They feed off of me so my worrying about them was just making everything worse. I still worry and somedays it goes to far again. Now I remind myself gently to get back to knowing they are ok and to take care of me. My most exciting moments were when Grace would eat something for the first time… Those moments feel so good!!!

To all the struggling mommas out there, who try to feed their kids healthy food, yet feel that gut-wrenching pain most days cause their kid is sick and not getting better... work with Elissa!
— Sarah
My family is doing great... seeing wonderful things with G - [after replacing dairy with foods that really nourish him] he has been completely snot free for a whole month and a half so we are very thrilled with that.
— Samantha